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Common Cases Presenting to Chiropractors

It may be presumed that chiropractors can only help with problems involving the spine, but take a look at just some of the common problems chiropractic care can help. It’s not just back pain!

Leg Pain

Whether it’s a dull annoying nagging or an excruciating shooting, leg pain is hard to ignore day or night.

Arthritic Pain

Symptoms are relieved by correcting faulty postures or movements with adjustments to relieve stress from joints.


As the biggest joint in the body the knee is commonly a source of primary and secondary problems.

Foot Pain

Malfunction of the delicate mechanics of the foot can cause problems throughout the body.

Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraine

The shoulders and neck is the most common place where tension is stored and can be the cause debilitating symptoms.

Shoulder Pain

As the most mobile joint in the human body, it’s unsurprising the shoulder is prone to injury.

Are you ready for an appointment?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed chiropractor. Request your appointment today!

Are you ready for an appointment?

Your treatment will be performed by licensed chiropractor. Request your appointment today!

About Chiropractor Care

Easily accessible to the Bournemouth and Christchurch boroughs, Chiropractor Care is blissfully located on the beautiful South Coast. With free on-street parking and 2 designated parking spaces, accessibility to this part of Christchurch is not an issue. Having qualified from the most prestigious chiropractic college in Europe; conveniently located right here in Bournemouth, and with experience running clinics both in the Midlands and the South, both quality and experienced chiropractic care is a given. Working to help all members of the local community from birth to the golden years, nobody need be excluded from chiropractic care. Already embedded within the local communities of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch, Chiropractor Care proudly works alongside both amateur and professional athletes in their pursuit of personal and professional excellence.

How We Can Help

At Chiropractor Care we pride ourselves in providing top quality chiropractic care to anybody who needs it. We carefully assess each new patient during the first consultation thoroughly to fully understand that persons requirements. We will never perform unnecessary treatments.

Chiropractors treat a wide range of conditions using adjustment techniques to try to steer the body away from a need of conventional medicines. Many are surprised to hear that we are not limited just to back pain! We actually offer much more than this, including but not limited to, relief from leg pain, arthritic pain, knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, neck pain as well as headaches and migraine.

Our Promise

  • We offer same day emergency appointments available right here in our Christchurch clinic.
  • All treatment is done in a relaxed environment by a friendly and highly trained chiropractor.
  • You will always receive the finest possible care, you’re in safe hands
  • We will not perform unnecessary treatments
  • Flexible payment options available

Chiropractic News

The latest and greatest, straight from our chiropractor.

Chiropractor Care Welcomes YOU

About Chiropractor Care Chiropractic Care has just opened a new chiropractic clinic in Christchurch, Dorset, and we’d like to take this opportunity to welcome new clients to our healthcare services. The clinic is run and owned by Doctor of Chiropractic, Claire Farmer, DC, who is one of the most respected and experienced chiropractors working in…